St. Vincent Pallotti
St. Vincent Pallotti

St. Vincent Pallotti, a Roman Catholic Priest, founded the Society of the Catholic Apostolate in 1835. The members of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate are known worldwide as Pallottines (Pallottine Fathers and Brothers). In 1951, Pallottine Fathers and Brothers from the Sacred Heart Province, Germany, came to India and started the Indian Mission in Raipur of Chatisgarh State. The Raipur mission of the Pallottines gradually grew and the first Pallottine Province “Prabhu Prakash Province” was erected. The Pallottine mission also gave birth to the Diocese of Raipur in Chattisgarh with a Pallottine Priest as its first Bishop. The society of the Catholic Apostolate is an International Community of priests and brothers founded by a Roman Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti (1795 – 1850). From his name it receives its popular name “Pallottines”. Today Pallottines carry out the mission of bringing together all the people for the purpose of spreading the Good News throughout the World. Khrist Jyoti Province is one of the three Pallottine Entities in India carrying out the original vision of the Founder in the remote missions of India.


Rev. Fr. Bipin Kishore Minj SAC

Vocation : Priest

Status : Provincial Rector

Rev. Fr. Rahul Philips SAC

Vocation : Priest

Status :

Rev. Fr. Patrick Barwa SAC

Vocation : Priest

Present Status : Provincial Bursar