CHARISM – Unity of all in Christ:-

     The Charism promoted by St. Vincent Pallotti, the Founder of UAC and SAC, invites all believers to realize their apostolic vocation to love God and share God’s love with others, St. Vincent, Pallotti believed that all are called to revive faith, rekindle charity and be apostles. The multi-faceted apostolic activities of St. Vincent Pallotti were based on his personal experience of God’s infinite love and mercy. He profoundly believed that the motivation of divine action is infinite love. Therefore, men and women, created in the image and likeness of God, can find the full meaning of life only when they love God and their neighbour. Pallotti says, “My Jesus, anyone who does not love cannot live”. Thus, the charism of the Pallottines is to assist all in finding and living their apostolic vocation in life.