Erection of the New Province


Origin of the Khrist Jyoti Province

The society of the Catholic Apostolate is an International Community of priests and brothers founded by a Roman Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti (1795 – 1850). From his name it receives its popular name “Pallottines”. Today Pallottines carry out the mission of bringing together all the people for the purpose of spreading the Good News throughout the World. Khrist Jyothi Province is one of the three Pallottine Entities in India carrying out the original vision of the Founder in the remote missions of India.

January 6, 2002 was a historical moment for the Pallottines in India when the existing Prabhu Prakash Province was transformed into two provinces and an autonomous Region during a solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Very Rev. Fr. Seamus Freeman, the Rector General of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, at Pallottine Animation Centre, Nagpur. Thus the two new Provinces and a Region came into existence. The new Regime formally took charge on the same day. The First Regional Council led by Very Rev. Fr. Arogyadas Kottana, SAC, the Regional Superior, Fr. Marianus Xaxa SAC, the first Consultor and Fr. Arogyanadhan David SAC, the Consultor headed the Khrist Jyoti Region towards its progress and development. The Regional Superior, after due consultations with his members announced the name of the new Region which is Lumen Christi and in Hindi, it reads Khrist Jyoti Region.

Since its erection on 6th January 2002 the Khrist Jyoti Region has witnessed three Regional Administrations. The second Regional Administration (June 2005 – June – 2008) was headed by Very Rev. Fr. Binay Bhushan Barwa SAC, the Regional Superior, Rev. Fr. Shanti Prakash Panna, the First Consultor and Rev. Fr. Sebenius Kujur, the Consultor. The Third Regional Administration (June 2008 – December 2011) was headed by Very Rev. Fr. Arogyadas Kottana SAC, the Regional Superior, Rev. Fr. Shanti Prakash Panna, the First Consultor and Rev. Fr. John Sobha Sunder, Rev. Fr. Benjamin Behera, Rev. Fr. Louis Tete, the Consultors.

The Official Visitation of The General Council to the Khrist Jyoti Region from 10th to 22nd July 2011 was a historical moment for the Region. The General Council is convinced that the Khrist Jyoti Region has grown a lot ever since its erection on 6th January 2002 in terms of the number of members, the variety of apostolic tasks, the quality of formation of members and the possibilities for economic self-sufficiency. Therefore, the General Council, in its session on 2nd September 2011, has decided to establish the Khrist Jyoti Region as a Province of the Society in accordance with Law of SAC 311 & 312 on 22nd December 2011.

The Pallottine community is fortunate to observe the dawn of another Province rising in the horizon. It is the transformation of Khrist Jyoti Region into Khrist Jyoti Province. No sooner the constitution was amended in the last General assembly the outgoing council set to work for the Region to be transformed into a Province. In our attempts we experienced a strong support of the Rector General who saw to it that it took the shortest period of time. It is through his efforts and hard work that our Region is erected as a Province today.

Following were the members of New Provincial Council:

Very Rev. Fr. Shanti Prakash Panna

Provincial Rector

Rev. Fr. Bipin Kishore Minj

First Consultor

Rev. Fr. Sebenius Kujur


Rev. Fr. Rahul Joseph


Rev. Fr. Suresh Tirkey



Every new Institution, in order to grow and develop, requires a suitable environment, a good financial back up, adequate Personnel, efficient management and proper orientation. This was true for the new born Region too. Therefore, the Region had four Regional Assemblies and three Congresses since 2002 until now (2011). The First Regional Assembly of the Region was convened from 6 – 8 January 2002 at Pallotti Ashram, Kapa, Raipur; the Second took place from November 18 -21, 2003 at Pallotti Ashram, Kapa, Raipur itself. Again the Third Regional Assembly was held from 12 – 14 October 2006 at Regional House, Amaseoni, Raipur and the Fourth Regional Assembly was convened from 24 – 26 November 2009 at Shanti Niwas, Bilaspur. Added to these there were two Regional Congresses held at Pallotti Ashram, Raipur. And then, once the Regional House, Jyoti Niwas was built the successive 3rd Regional Assembly and 3rd Regional Congress were held there. These conventions served as an occasion to enable to set goals, to envision visions and pave a solid path to march ahead united and fuelled with brotherly love towards success and development. Consequently, successive years witnessed a real commencement of growth and development.