Erection of the New Region


April 15, 2004: Regional House, Amaseoni, Raipur was established

1.Origin of the Khrist Jyothi Region

      The actual process of transformation began with the meeting of Rector General with the newly elected Regimes of the three entities on Jan 3, 2002. The meeting continued the following day. A day was set apart for prayer and reflection for all the members who had come there to witness the great event of transformation of Prabhu Prakash Province. It was a historical moment for the Pallottines in India when the existing Prabhu Prakash Province was transformed into two provinces and a autonomous Region on January 6, 2002 during a solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Very Rev. Fr. Seamus Freeman, Rector General of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, at Pallottine Animation Centre, Nagpur.

Thus the new Region came into existence with the announcement and blessing of Very Rev. Fr. Seamus Freeman SAC, the Rector General of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, on January 06, 2002. The new Regional Council formally took charge of the Region on the same day. The First Regional Council led by Very Rev. Fr. Arogyadas Kottana, SAC, the Regional Superior, Fr. Marianus Xaxa SAC, the first consultor and Fr. Arogyanadhan David Sac, the consultor headed the Khrist Jyothi Region towards its progress and development. The Regional Superior, after due consultations with his members announced the name of the new Region which is Lumen Christi and in Hindi, it reads Khrist Jyothi Region.

Provincial House:

      April 15, 2004 was an auspicious day for the members of the Khrist Jyothi Region when the beautifully built Regional House was blessed by His Grace Joseph Augustine, the Archbishop of Raipur and inaugurated by Very Rev. Fr. Arogyadas Kottana, the Regional Superior. The house was christened Jyothi Niwas