Local Communities

Local Community is the smallest structural unit of the Society. It is governed by the Local Administration which consists of the Local Rector, his Consultors and the local Bursar. The Local Community works under the guidance of Local Rector who shows fraternal care for the spiritual and temporal well-being of all the members of the community, promotes the apostolate of the community, communicates all the matters of the community to the Provincial Council. The competence of the Local Community Council is listed in Law SAC, Appendix III, C. nn. 86 to 96. There are five Local Communities in the Province.

1 Chhattisgarh I Fr. Shanti Prakash Panna Local Rector
2 Chhattisgarh II Fr. Philip Kujur Local Rector
3 Chhattisgarh III Fr. Theophil Kerketta Local Rector
4 Chhattisgarh IV Fr. John Sobha Sunder Local Rector
5 Orissa & Jharkhand Fr. Rashmikant Nayak Local Rector
6 Jharsuguda Fr. Santosh Kumar Bara Local Rector

Concrete Objectives of the Local Community:

The Local community has a constitutional status; however by custom the followings are some of the visible signs of the local communities:

1. All members of the Local Community study together the relevant documents of the church and the society.
2. They come together periodically for community Recollection; celebrate together the birthdays/feast-days of the community members.
3. They plan together the various apostolic activities of the Local community and facilitate developmental projects in the local community.