We Pallottine Priests of Khrist Jyoti Province Raipur working in India and abroad. We are involved with so many different apostolate.

The main apostolates are as follows:

1. Formation

2. Education Apostolate

3. Parish Apostolate

4. Spiritual Renewal Centre

5. Social Apostolate

6. Technical Training Centre

(A). We have formation houses in Sundargarh, Raipur and Jharsugua preparing the candidates to be future priests to continue the work of Christ. We are all together 86 Priests involved in various apostolate.

(B). We are working in 18 Parishes, in the Diocese of Bacolod, Asti, Rourkela, Raipur, Jashpur, Ambikapur and Ranchi.

(C). We too are working the Schools and colleges in Diocese. We have 9 English medium School, 11 Hindi Medium School, 1 College and 1 Oriya Medium School.

(D). We too have boarding for the poor children so that they can do their studies well. We have 14 boarding for the poor children. We are helping them to come up in life.

(E). We too have Spiritual renewal centre and Social Service centre in Bilaspur.

In this way we are trying to make the world better place to live in by forming the young generation though our institutions.