Social Service Ministry


Pallottine Welfare Centre, Bilaspur


Fr. Elebius Xalxo Director- Shanti Niwas Renewal Centre, Bilaspur,

Administrator- Pallottine Welfare Centre, Bilaspur

Fr. Philip Kujur Asst. Director

Fr. Henry Angel Member/Preacher

Shanti Niwas

Aawas Para, Chatauna

(Behind New High Court)

P.O. Hirri Mines – 495220 Tel: 07752/211835

Dist., Bilaspur, C.G. Mob: 09039141869

Pallottine Welfare Centre, Bilaspur


July 1982: Technical Training Center was started to help the rural youth.

Pallottine Welfare Centre, Bilaspur

Our Vision:

Socio-economic Empowerment and Social Justice

Our Mission:

Uplift of the marginalized and downtrodden by availing basic necessary skills and techniques to improve their fundamental life style, and prove themselves Human with equality and dignity.

Our Objectives:

To minimize poverty among the rural and backward people

To establish basic training centre for destitute, orphans, dropouts, physically challenged people.

To create all round development of vulnerable children in the society.

To grant scholarships, stipend, free studentship as financial assistance to the children from rural and slum areas.

To encourage the provision of sanitary facilities and promotion of physical health.

To strive for educational advancement for youth of SC and ST.

To ensure welfare and protection of vulnerable group of the society.

To provide education, medicines, food, clothing for the poor and needy.

To empower the women for self sufficiency.

To motivate the wavering youth to shine out in the society.

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