Pre Novitiate VOC – II


Vocation Orientaion Centre

Apostolic School Shailendra Nagar




Fr. Louis Tete                                   Director, Vocation Orientation Centre

                                                                  Manager, Holy Cross Senior Secondary School

                                                                Byron Bazar, Raipur

Fr. Amar Ku. Singh                        Prefect of Students- Apostolic School (VOC)        

Fr. Joseph Karl Lakra                    Principal, Holy Cross Senior Secondary School,

                                                                Byron Bazar, Raipur                                     

Fr. Albinus Tirkey                         Bursar – Apostolic School (VOC) Shailendra Nagar 

                                                                Vocation Orientation Centre (VOC)

                                                                Shailendra NagarRaipur

                                                                 492 001, C.G.


Tel:                                                         0771/4048862

March 5, 1961: Apostolic School, Shailendra Nagar was erected.

Shailendra Nagar (Archdiocese of Raipur) & photo

In order to avoid the over crowd and inconvenience and hoping to provide better infrastructure, facilities, formation and education the Regime decided to keep the special batch of students for the second year of formation in the V.O.C. and the students doing their 11thand 12th in Shailendra Nagar, Raipur.

This is a V.O.C. situated in Shailendra Nagar, Raipur. Fr. Louis Tete (Director), Fr. Fr. Joseph Karl Lakra (Principal, Holy Cross School, Byron Bazar), Fr. Fr. Albinus Tirkey (Bursar), Fr. Amar Kumar Singh (Students Prefect) and 31 students reside there. The Community is entrusted with the responsibilities to manage two schools, a farm and V.O.C. Holy Cross Senior Secondary School, Byron Bazar was founded by Pallottines in the year 1956, Holy Cross Primary School, Shailendra Nagar in the year 2004 and V.O.C., Shailendra Nagar in the year 1992.

VOC Students in APS, Shailendranagar : 31