Regency Period

Regency Period

Regents Ministry Khrist Jyoti Province Raipur

  •  The Brothers who finish their Philosophy and College Studies.
  •  Regents do their ministry in the institutions or Parishes for their pastoral experiences
  •  There are 3 regents in our Province this year doing their ministry in Parishes.
  •  Their job is to assist the in charges of the Parish or the institution.
  •  This is for them a exposure to pastoral field before entering to theological studies.
  •  They learn to handle the various circumstances in the Parish and the school.
  •  They teach catechism and teach also in the school.
  •  They learn how to collaborate and they too are given responsibility.
  • They too have recollection every month for their spiritual growth

Regent Brothers:

1. Bro. Anil Bahla – St. Mother Teresa of Kolkatta Church, Pasan

2. Bro. Ashok Baliarsingh – St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Morga

3. Bro. Kanchan Lakra – St. Vincent Pallotti Int. Res. School, Dongargarh


After finishing the college and the philosophical studies brothers are sent for the pastoral experience to different parishes.