Vocation Orientation Centre – I


Vidya Jyoti Sadan, Siabahal, Sundargarh




Fr. Suresh Tirkey                                              Director, Vidya Jyoti Sadan

                                                                             Bursar, Vidya Jyoti Sadan

Fr. Ephrem Kishore Kiro                                 Parish Priest, St.Vincent Pallotti Church

Fr. Amit Tirkey                                                 Students Prefect & Teacher


Vidya Jyoti Sadan


Tasladihi – 770 002

Sundargarh Dist., Odisha                                               Tel: 0662/2211103

St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Siabahal


Siabahal – Sundargarh (Diocese of Rourkela, Odisha)

There is a parish founded by the diocese of Rourkela and taken care by the Pallottines since 1987 and added to this there is also a Vocation Orientation Centre. Fr. Suresh Tirkey (Director, V.O.C.) Fr. Almit Tirkey (Prefect of the Sudents) are forming 29 students.

Vocation Orentation Center Siabhal Sundargarh

November, 1989: Vidya Jyothi Sadan, Siabahal, VOC was started for the Northern Region with the purchase of land.

  •  It is situated in the state of Odisha , one of the Eastern states of India.
  •  This is a beautiful place away from the town with very peaceful surroundings
  •  Divya Jyoti Sadan means the Divine Dwelling place of the Light of Christ
  •  There are 29 Candidates in VOC.
  •  Candidates come from Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Assam
  •  They have Time for study, gardening, games, prayer etc.
  • We stress more on learning English, Knowing about Vincent Pallotti and Spiritual growth

VOC Students in Siabahal, Sundargarh : 29

VOC (KJP Students) in Chicalim, Goa : 15

VOC Students in APS, Philippines : 01